Eva-Marina Haehr

Providing digital literacy guidance to adults

  • Do you have a computer or other device, but don’t like using it? 
  • Need to pay a bill, but can’t get to the bank? 
  • Heard about Zoom, but want to find out more? 

Talk to Eva today about finding ways to make a computer work for you quickly and without fuss! 

What does Digital Literacy mean?

Digital literacy (to know your way around computers) is important to establishing your presence in the modern world. Lacking the ability to use digital technologies means that there are many things you simply cannot do or access. Possessing digital literacy allows you to improve the efficiency, access to things, fulfilment, and happiness in your life.

What can a mentor session do for you?

These digital literacy sessions help adults of all ages, migrants of diverse ethnicities, people wanting a career change, need to change jobs due to injury or disability and have little knowledge of or have not previously engaged in digital technology. She slowly and patiently leads them into the digital age with ongoing support. You learn how to navigate your way on computers, notebooks, laptops and smart phones at an affordable price and ongoing support.

As a mentor and coach, Eva helps people connect with the outside-people (world) who for whatever reason are not embracing the digital world!
  • What she knows is that people do not embrace change easily – they resist.
  • What she does is show people how to overcome their fears with the changing digital world.
  • How to shop, bank, connect on social media safely – because we all know what can happen if we don’t do it safely – if they are not aware of cyber-crime, right?

She slowly and patiently leads them into the digital age with ongoing support until they feel confident with whatever they are choosing to learn or want to discover more about. They learn how to navigate their way on different devices of their choosing.

  • How to start a computer
  • How to find information from the internet
  • How to pay bills online
  • Online shopping
  • How to use social media to connect with friends and family

Online security advice

If you are worried about online security, simple tips and hints can be provided to avoid common mistakes such as clicking on scam emails, how to avoid clicking on malicious links and more.

  • Tips and hints on how to avoid common mistakes
  • How to protect your personal information / details
  • How to recognize risky messages on your phone or computer

Why choose Eva?

This service differs from other services for adults of all ages. Eva has life experience and patience. Her sessions are conducted with excellence, empathy and skill. Her sessions can be booked on an individual basis or in small groups of up to 10 people. As some other services may be offered for free at the beginning, this service provides continued individual ongoing support in person , on the phone, in the privacy of your own home or in libraries (Conditions apply).

What is the process?

These sessions aim to eliminate the fear of computers. Slowly and patiently you are guided through the digital maze, irrespective of their starting point. From starting up a computer to finding information, surfing the internet and paying bills. Popular sessions include navigating Social Networking sites to get in contact with family and friends.

About Eva

Being of a mature age group myself, I understand how fear of using computers can be daunting for some individuals. My patience and life experience makes it easier for adults of all ages to learn how to operate computers, laptops and smartphones.

Participants are made up of people who have not been part of the workforce, are retired, or have never been introduced to the digital age or need to re-skill to be able to take up a new career path. They simply want to find an easier and more effective way to take care of their bill payments, find and contact family members and friends through social media. They want to eliminate the need to physically go to external agencies such as industry associations or banks, which can sometimes be a strain on the person due to age or illness.

Taking care of business from the comfort of your own home will definitely be a big plus for all adults and the more mature generations, that can be provided through these services.

Eva can also continue to provide services over the phone or pay a visit to your homes, should you have any questions or problems negotiating the computers.

Eva's services can be provided on an individual basis or in small groups of up to 10 people. In bigger groups, individual care can be lost due to time restraints. The customer can decide what will be more suitable for them at the first introduction meeting and at an affordable price for everyone, where the tutoring can be tailored to the individual needs of the participant.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

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